SAS® Certified Big Data Professional Using SAS®9

For those who want to validate remarkable ability to make use of free and SAS® Data Management tools to organize big data for statistical analysis
Successful candidates can:
Recognize and overcome big data challenges.
Implement critical SAS programming techniques.
Access, transform and manipulate data.
Improve data quality for reporting and analytics.
Apply fundamental statistical techniques.
Work with SAS, Hadoop and Hive.
Explore and visualize data.
Candidates who earn this credential will be required to pass two exams.


Select an exam to find out the total content for each and every:
SAS Big Data Preparation, Statistics, and Visual Exploration (A00-220)
SAS Big Data Programming and Loading (A00-221)
These exams are administered by SAS and Pearson VUE
Considering getting your big data certification? It's really a worthwhile step, because the ability to maintain change regularly technologies could make or break your work.
The SAS Certified Big Data Professional program - made available from the SAS Academy for Data Science - can provide you with the additional edge you are considering.
In regards to the SAS Big Data Certification Program

Is this program befitting me?
The big data certification program is fantastic for individuals able to expand their basic programming knowledge by finding out how to gather and analyze big data in SAS.
To enroll in the SAS Certified Big Data Professional program, you will need at least six months of programming experience in SAS or another programming language. Have to improve on your programming skills? We recommend that you initially complete the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course, which can be available as an instructor-led reely online e-learning course. You could also find the SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques course helpful.
Analytical talent is within high demand. Differentiate yourself by earning world-class certification in big data, advanced analytics information science from SAS Big Data Certification, the first choice in advanced big data analytics. Sharpen your skills and validate your expertise on the SAS Academy for Data Science. And become the go-to expert who not merely talks data science, but actually will it.
SAS® Certified Big Data Professional Exam (A00-220 and A00-221)

Rise above basic programming by learning to gather and analyze big data in SAS. This intensive six-week bootcamp focuses on:
Big data management, data quality and visual data exploration for advanced analytics.
Preparing you for your two big data certification exams.
About SAS® Certification

The SAS Global Certification program launched in 1999 to validate the skills information of SAS users and partners. Participants can currently earn credentials in SAS Programming, Predictive Modeling, Administration, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and knowledge Science. Since the program's inception, the amount of SAS certifications awarded annually has seen double-digit growth. Up to now, nearly 90,000 SAS credentials have been awarded to individuals in 77 countries.
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